Blizzards cause havoc on the roads

2013-01-25 16.00.12

The worst snowfall of the winter hit the Rosneath Peninsula on Friday, wreaking havoc on the roads.

Snow gates on the A817 Haul Road through Glen Fruin were closed for much of the day and as the snow became heavier in the afternoon the were problems on the B833 lochside road.

A long line of cars struggled to make it up the Mill Brae (above), with many needing to be pushed – 4x4s and tow ropes were also pressed into service.

A school bus bringing scores of pupils home from Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh was caught in a rapidly lengthening line of stationary vehicles – an Argyll and Bute Council snowplough had earlier been spotted on the Peaton Hill, but the B833 showed little sign of being gritted

Over several days of near-freezing temperatures, Glasgow and the Helensburgh area had seemed to be one of the few parts of the UK to escape heavy snowfalls; now the Met Office is forecasting that the snow will turn to rain overnight.




  1. Life would be a lot easier if, when people trying to drive over a snowbound Millbrae lose traction and start wheelspinning futilely, they give up after a brief attempt and reverse back down the road to Camsail; that way it’s easier for everyone to get a clear run at the slope. Once you stop on the slope it’s practically impossible to start off again; momentum is important. I had no problems getting up the hill as I have winter tyres, but having to drive around a straggled queue of stationary cars made life harder than it needed to be.

  2. Well if the person who wrote the also took the photo then I don’t see the problem – who needs hands to drive?

  3. Nice to see the truth after some people were saying that the bus driver kicked the kids off the bus to walk home on their own!!!! I think people should get the truth before reporting on social networking sites!!!Also give operators a chance before kicking them in the teeth.

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