Poop scoop snoops on the streets

Extra patrols are being mounted to deal with dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets in Argyll and Bute.

Council teams are on the lookout in the early morning and evening, as well as working in partnership with local police.

One dog owner in the Mid Argyll area has already fallen foul of a £40 fine after being issued with a fixed penalty notice by council officers who have been carrying out special patrols to tackle the problem. Several dog walkers have also been cautioned.

It is an offence to allow your dog to foul on public land (including parks, footpaths, grass verges and roadside gutters) without cleaning it up immediately.

Any pet owner who fails to pick up the mess left behind by their dog risks a caution or a fixed penalty notice with an on-the-spot £40 fine.

Lead councillor for licensing and regulatory services, Sandy Taylor, said: “People who live, work and visit our communities should not have to put up with the unsightly blight on the landscape caused by dog fouling.

“Nor should they have to suffer the consequences of stepping on the mess left behind by irresponsible dog owners.

“Council staff are making extra efforts to tackle the problem but dog owners should be aware of their own responsibilities to clean up after their pets and dispose of waste safely.”