90 degree turn for town centre parking

More than 100 new parking spaces could be created in Helensburgh – by taking advantage of the town’s wide streets.

A £60,000 study of car parking in the town was carried out by Argyll and Bute Council with funding from SPT.

And a key recommendation is that in several areas cars should park ‘nose-in’ rather than parallel to the kerb.

SPT funded a feasibility study into a new park and ride site in the town, as well as commuter parking, and as part of this a ‘desk top review’ found that clearer marking of parking bays and the change to nose-in would create an extra 130 parking spaces.

Area targeted for the change are East Princess Street (between Charlotte and Glenfinlas streets), West Princes Street (between James and William streets), Glenfinlas Street (between East Clyde and East Princes streets), William Street (between West Clyde and West King streets) and James Street (between West Clyde and West Princes streets).

The work would be carried out alongside the controversial CHORD proposals, in 2013-14, funded by SPT, with detailed design completed before by the end of March.

Members of the council’s Helensburgh and Lomond area committee will be asked to approve the project at their meeting next Tuesday.

Parking on all streets in Helensburgh is free, albeit with time restrictions in some areas, while there are charges in most of the town’s car parks.


  1. Don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth but I thought SPT was about buses etc, not cars?

  2. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but one of SPT’s main objectives is to promote the integration of transport so park’n’ride is in their remit.

    • Ok I see that – but park in town centre streets and ride? Very odd, but I suppose the whole idea of free parking in streets and charges on car parks is somewhat daft, and the signs on the pier car park seem deliberately confusing

  3. Makes sense – I have a;ways thought that the only way to keep town centres alive is to offer plenty of free parking.

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