Live TV cameras on the council’s agenda

Council meetings in Argyll and Bute could soon be filmed and streamed onto the internet.

And the authority – which less than two years ago was considering the closure of 25 schools – may also launch TV clubs costing £12,000 a time in eight of its high schools.

As reported in September, the Lochgilphead-based council has been in talks with Helensburgh company URTV.

It has already decided to launch a Look Local project, meaning council information will be available on digital TV screens and other devices – this is scheduled to go live in mid-November.

But URTV is proposing further measures – Council News TV, School News TV and Argyll TV.

One of the proposals would include filming 13 council meetings a year, at a cost of £1,400 per meeting – the price could be cut to £800 a time if as many as 26 meetings were filmed.

“URTV will use seven cameras to record the meeting ensuring a professional video presentation… with multiple camera angles, close-ups and views to make the recording much easier for the viewer to watch,” says a report to the council’s short life working group on media platforms.

“URTV will edit the proceedings ‘live’ to allow for and make the meeting available to live stream or two watch on demand after the meeting.”

The footage could also be shown on screens elsewhere in council offices, with speakers having their name and political affiliation included; the footage would also be shown on, and within 48 hours ‘subject to any edits required by the council’.

The schools project is billed as: “The 21st century successor to the old-style school newspaper… able to present students, teachers and parents with new insights and information about their academy.

“Professional training and support will help maintain the quality of content and equip students with the new technological, social and media skills increasingly demanded in the workplace and everyday life.”

For £12,000 per academy, School News TV would help launch TV clubs, set up secure channels, train staff and students and provide on-going support.

Decisions on the various options outlined at Monday’s meeting – which will also consider alternative providers – will be fed back to the full council.

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  1. Like the idea of more openness in meetings, don’t like the ‘council edit’ idea

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