MP visits woodland campaigners

MP Alan Reid, MP and Councillor Aileen Morton (Helensburgh Central) visited Cumberland Avenue in Helensburgh last week to inspect the ‘wasteland’ which still remains after last year’s felling of the woods.
The visit was organised through Helensburgh Community Woodland Association, who said it was was welcomed by local residents.
A HCWA spokesman said: ” They were able to express their dismay at how the protected Cumberland Avenue woods were almost entirely felled in May and June 2011 without due process.
“They highlighted their concern to Mr Reid and Councillor Morton that Argyll and Bute Council has yet to take enforcement action, despite lengthy investigations.
“Residents were particularly critical of the eyesore that has been left behind by the landowner in an established residential neighbourhood and of the danger that the site now poses to local children, despite being fenced off from the road.
“There was also strong support for action to ensure that the Cumberland Avenue woods are replanted.”
Mr Reid listened to these concerns and promised to take them up with Argyll and Bute Council.
He was also interested to hear the latest news about HCWG’s ‘Save Castle Woods’ campaign, especially as he had written to the council over the summer, drawing their attention to the threat to the protected trees in Castle Woods and asking the council their intentions to prevent any unlawful felling there.
The meeting follows an earlier visit by Jackie Baillie MSP (Labour) and Councillor James Robb (SNP) to Cumberland Avenue, which took place at the end of August.
HCWG has also invited the three Conservative councillors for Helensburgh and Lomond to view the site and meet local people and is now awaiting their response.

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