Steep fall in ferry passenger numbers

Far fewer people are using the Kilcreggan to Gourock ferry since the change of operator earlier this year, SPT documents have revealed.

The totals for May to July all showed double-figure falls, according to a report to the authority’s operations committee yesterday.

In the four weeks ending May 19 – the first full period monitored after Clydelink took over the service from Clyde Marine on April 1 – there were 3,440 passenger trips, 34.7% below the total for 2011.

The next month passenger numbers were down by 10.9% compared to the previous year, and in July the difference was over 28%.

The SPT report points out that the service no longer includes Helensburgh, but since this only accounted for 4,200 passenger trips per year the slump in use would still be dramatic even if this were taken into account.

The ‘moving annual total’ is now estimated at 53,203 compared to the target of 60,000.


  1. Apologies if I didn’t make my meaning clear; by accident or design there has been little about the service since the beginning of April that could encourage existing users to continue to do so or stimulate new travellers. On the contrary, if I were partial to disposable aluminium headgear I might cast aspersions that a certain organisation had done it all deliberately to clear out the route Rachman-style and remove the need for it, but long experience tells me they are not capable of such clarity of thinking.

  2. It is a shame that the number of passengers are falling for the Gourock – Kilcreggan route.
    Personally, I find the ferry a wonderful day out and it would be good it it were marketed better for tourists. It is also a pity that the ferry stops so early, it would be great to go over for supper and get a boat back later.

  3. It’s ironic that SPT place target pasenger numbers on this route, and yet make no investment to try and achieve them. The target therefore is meaningless and should not be used to make any decisions.

  4. Personally I am not surprised about the passenger numbers as this vessel has been a disaster since this contract was awarded with a substandard vessel & crew perhaps SPT should start claiming compensation from this company.

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