Local papers still the main news source, says council

Local newspapers are still the favourite way for people in Argyll and Bute to get their news, a council report states this week.

Of those surveyed, 42% said they always trusted information in newspapers and 47% ‘sometimes’ trusted them – while less than half used the council’s website.

Just over a third of those who use the website said they always trusted it, leading to this optimistic interpretation: “Although a lower proportion of panellists use the council website than use local papers, those respondents who do use the website attach a higher level of trust to the information it provides. ”

Only ‘a small proportion’ wanted to hear from the council via social media.

The report to the full meeting of the council in Lochgiphead today (Thursday) says that 2011, there were 1987 articles mentioning the council in the local newspapers.

Some 45% of this coverage was neutral, with 31% positive or very positive and 23% negative or very negative; 1% of the coverage was not rated.

The report acknowledges problems faced by the authority, especially financially, but states: “At the very heart of our organisational values is the commitment to be open, honest, fair and inclusive, so we will be candid and clear about explaining things when we cannot meet expectations and seek dialogue with those involved or affected.”