47-mile taxi trip for ferry passengers

Passengers who were left stranded when a ferry broke down were taken home via taxi.

The 47-mile road trips between Kilcreggan and Gourock, funded by operator Clydelink, replaced a 13-minute journey across the Clyde.

The Island Princess ferry was hit by ‘technical issues’ at 6pm yesterday (Thursday), when passengers at both piers were waiting for the last sailing of the day, but was back in operation this morning.

Meanwhile, Argyll and Bute Council say no decision has been reached on staffing at the pier.

A spokesperson this week said: “The council will undertake a further risk assessment and review of operations and monitor to see if passenger safety is safeguarded.

“If the council are satisfied that this is the case then a decision will be made in respect of the staff at the pier.

Barriers were controversially fitted on the pier earlier this month, rapidly being modified; since Clydelink do not require the pier to be manned there have been fears for months that council staff there would lose their jobs.


  1. As one of those passengers I have to say fair do’s to the crew – they took us down to the taxi rank and sorted out taxis for us. When we had got on the boat one engine was running and they were trying to start the second one. You could hear it turning over but not catching. Then the engine that was running stopped as well and neither would catch. I don’t know what the failure was, but given that both engines failed I’m just glad we hadn’t set off and been left adrift in the middle of the Clyde!

  2. What are our Council and SPT thinking about. It is time we had a reliable Safe service.


    • Noreen is a very concerned member of our community and is entitled to her opinion. Many others share that view.
      I dont have any problems with whoever runs the Ferry.
      all we want is a safe reliable service.
      I think you should remove your “frequent reliable ferry services” statement from your web page until you can provide one!

  3. I agree with Kerr as a passenger waiting to cross from Kilcreggan for a night shift. Clydelink arranged for a taxi to take passengers from Kilcreggan to Gourock, unfortunately there were more passengers and a second taxi was required which I understand eventually turned up.

    I don’t ever recall the previous operators putting on taxis when service failed due to mechanical problems although they would put on one of the reserve boats. My understanding is that the Cailin Oir was to not put on as it was too short notice and the crew were resolving the issues on the Island Princess – it sailed the next morning.My understanding was it was contaminated fuel which caused the problem.

    Would like to state that it was mainly the presence of the Pier master who helped to resolve the problems with Clydelink on getting passengers from Kilcreggan to Gourock and this raises the issue of how Clydelink will communicate with passengers [other than the twitter feed which not everyone subscribes to (its banned on my employers computers using websence)] when we no longer have a piermaster

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