Date set for Colquhoun Square referendum

The public vote to decide the future of Colquhoun Square in Helensburgh will be held on June 25.

Councillor James Robb announced the date for the ‘informal referendum’ at a meeting of Argyll and Bute Council’s Helensburgh and Lomond area committee today (Tuesday).

Members of the public at the Victoria Halls asked for details of the procedure – the latest twist in the long saga of Helensburgh’s controversial CHORD project – but were told that it was ‘only courtesy’ for councillors to be given the information first.

Former councillor Andrew Nisbet said: “The public are still waiting to know when they will vote, how they’ll vote and what the rules are for eligibility. I find that absolutely appalling.”

And Nigel Millar of Helensburgh Community Council asked for confirmation that the methodology would produce a clear-cut result that was representative of the town as a whole and that the poll would ‘in no way be open to manipulation by either side of the argument’.

“We have experience elsewhere that the results can be faked,” he added.

Cllr Robb, lead councillor for Helensburgh and Lomond in the authority’s new power structure, responded: “There will be checks and balances on illegality – it will be as representative as any election can be.

“If people are trying to organize massive numbers of people to vote, that’s just part of democracy as I understand it.”

After the meeting details of the referendum were published on the council’s website.

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