£1.4m water mains project completed

Scottish Water say a £1.4m project which has just been completed will benefit thousands of residents.

The work, which covered more than eight miles of water mains and started about a year ago, ainmed to improve the security of supply to customers in areas including Rosneath, Garelochhead, Rahane, Whistlefield and Portincaple.

Residents in these areas, which are served by the Belmore Water Treatment Works near Garelochhead, have been affected by temporary loss of normal water supplies due to burst mains in the past.

Jim Hassan, Scottish Water’s water operations manager, said: “We are delighted to have completed this important project, which was carried out for us by contractors George Leslie.

“Scottish Water appreciates the inconvenience that disruption to normal water supplies can cause our customers and this investment has reduced the risk of bursts in the area.

“In addition, the drinking water that Scottish Water provides is a precious resource which costs money to produce and supply and having reduced the risk of bursts we will also cut the amount of water lost through leakage and the amount of energy required and so reduce our carbon footprint.”

The project involved different types of work, including relining pipes with plastic and the slip-lining and pipe bursting techniques, where new pipe is inserted into the existing pipe.

Jane McKenzie, Scottish Water’s regional community manager, added: “We would like to thank any affected customers, businesses and road users for their co-operation and understanding during our work.

“This was a key project which is now bringing significant benefits to the area and we are confident people will appreciate that the long-term benefits of this investment will far out-weigh any short-term inconvenience they might have experienced.”