Scottish Power to spend nearly £2m on upgrade work

Scottish Power is embarking on a major five-month programme of work on and around the Rosneath Peninsula.

David Climie, the company’s Glasgow and Clyde north area manager, told Cove and Kilcreggan community councillors on Tuesday night that the work had been contracted to Freedom.

The first phase of the work, covering Rhu and Shandon, will start in early June, before overhead lines in Kilcreggan are refurbished – that phase of the project is due to start in August and last for three weeks.

The next phase of the work, rebuilding lines in Rosneath and Clynder, will take eight weeks, before the final phase, in Cove, which is expected to take eight weeks and be completed in October.

Mr Climie said the total cost of the work would be nearly £2m, adding that power cuts in recent years were because the power supply network had suffered from unusually bad weather.

“In the last couple of years we have experienced some severe weather, with wind speeds over 100mph,” he said: “With anything that goes over 55mph we are expecting to get damage.

“We can’t do much during the period of high winds – generally we can’t do anything until it is calmer on health and safety grounds.”

He added that when bad weather was anticipated workers were posted in Garelochhead, since this area was known to be vulnerable.

Mr Climie said that if power to homes was going to be interrupted during the work, the company would give residents several days’ notice.