Ferry running – but only for 12 at a time

The ferry service between Kilcreggan and Gourock resumed this morning, after being suspended for more than three full days.

But the Island Princess has still not been repaired, so the Cailin Oir is being used.

Operators Clydelink say there is a reduced capacity for 12 passengers per crossing; the boat will stick to the usual timetable but ‘with extra crossings if required’.

The contract awarded to Clydelink by SPT in January was for a boat with a  capacity for 60 passengers.

The Cailin Oir was previously used in Ireland before being brought to the Clyde


  1. Clydelink have blatantly broken the contract and have been allowed to get off with it.
    SPT need to waken up to their responsibilities. The whole procedure requires investigation

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