Ferry sailings cancelled for Thursday

There will again be no ferries between Gourock and Kilcreggan tomorrow (Thursday), Clydelink have announced.

Meanwhile Argyll and Bute MP Alan Reid has described the situation as ‘ fiasco’, saying he has received no reply to emails he sent to SPT on April 5 and April 13.

“My view is that SPT aren’t up to the job of providing this service,” he said.

“Their expertise is in trains and buses, not ferries. As far as I’m aware, this is the only ferry service they provide. Transport Scotland are far from perfect, but they do have a lot more experience at tendering ferry services than SPT do.

“I think the lesson from this fiasco is that the provision of the service should be taken from SPT and given to Transport Scotland. They have far more expertise in this field than SPT, and the passengers would have elected MSPs who could call them to account if they made a mess of things.”

Clydelink will once again be running replacement buses tomorrow. These will leave Kilcreggan at 0745, 0830, 1115, 1430 and 1615. They will depart from Gourock at 0645, 0930, 1300, 1730 and 1830.

The Island Princess was damaged by a creelline on Monday afternoon.



  1. The silence from SPT is deafening. Let us all hope that the efforts of Jackie bear fruit. No news of any real input from our Regional Council now that we in effect have no ferry service which is disgraceful. No doubt Councillor MacIntyre is too busy seeking reelection to fulfill his responsibilities. Surely the least he could have done was call an emergency meeting of the SPT board to hold its senior management to account for failing to look after the interests of the ferry users. Let us hope that a more robust entity will evolve come Friday!!!!

  2. SPT control the Renfrew Ferry. When they proposed closing that, they used ‘old vessels near the end of their life’ and lack of money and passengers as the reason. About a month later, the same vessels were for sale with a clean bill of health…

    I won’t mention who runs the Renfrew Ferry tho, might raise some eyebrows.

    I’m gradually forming the opinion that this debacle is by some sort of design to offload the responsibility of the ferry route, hence why such a arrogant attitude is being adopted by SPT.

    If they get their knuckles rapped and the route taken off them, I’m sure there will be some sighs of relief.

    Anyway the fact the ferry is till out of commission may demonstrate one of the many areas that SPT did not evaluate in the tender. The engine componentry on a 16 year old vessel will be 20-25 years old in design, therefore parts will very likely be expensive and hard to come by. Compare to a modern vessel like Seabus, most parts will be available off the shelf for years to come. So whilst I do not know the detail of what has happened, short of catastrophic failure (which snagging a line should never cause), most parts on an engine can be replaced in a few hours. Not days. So I am now questioning what is actually going on here.

    I’m planning a trip over with the bike over the weekend, pointless taking a 90min trip on the bus 🙁

  3. Mr Reid’s comments are no more than what the ferry users have been saying since the start of this fiasco
    The question is Mr Reid you are an MP, what are you doing about it?

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