Ferry sailings cancelled again for Wednesday

Clydelink has announced that there will again be no ferries between Kilcreggan and Gourock tomorrow (Wednesday).

On Monday night the firm said that the Island Princess had caught a creel line around a prop, damaging its engine.

The MCA has confirmed that Clydelink’s back-up boat does not have a certificate allowing it to be used on the route – although in mid-March SPT officials said they were satisfied with back-up arrangements.

An email from SPT to ferry users and politicians on March 23 said: “SPT requires that there should be provision to replace the vessel if it becomes unavailable for service for whatever reason. Clydelink has evidenced satisfactory arrangements in this regard, by having sourced a backup vessel of the required capacity and by having begun negotiations to put in place charter arrangements as a further secondary option.”

And tonight (Tuesday), the firm announced that for the third day in succession coaches will be running between Gourock and Kilcreggan, a journey which takes about 90 minutes, rather than 12 minutes by sea.

The buses will leave Kilcreggan at 0745, 0830, 1115, 1430 and 1615; they will depart from Gourock at 0645, 0930, 1300, 1730 & 1830.


    • On the bus over today I passed the Clyde Clipper and Clyde Cruiser berthed at Greenock (both have been used by Clyde Marine previously as replacement ferries on our run).

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