UPDATE: More problems for ferry service, no boats on Tuesday morning

The troubled ferry service between Kilcreggan and Gourock was suspended again today (Monday April 30).

At 5.15 operators Clydelink announced there would be no more sailings, without any reason being given and coaches running instead.

Councillor George Freeman said the boat, bought from Lymington on the south coast of England, had technical problems; in its first month the service was suspended on four different days.

Community councillor John Auld said he had heard that the ferry had broken down, and Faslane workers who rely on it were complaining that there hadn’t been a single week without problems since the Island Princess took over from the Seabus, which had been operated by Clyde Marine.

“They were talking about walking with their feet or boycotting it – these passengers are the bread and butter of keeping the ferry for the whole village and to have them so disgruntled in the space of four weeks is frightening,” he said.

“I feel that we are at the point that SPT has to man up and ensure its responsibilities are met, if we lose these passengers I doubt we can rely on keeping the ferry at the next contract review.”

Update at 9.30pm: Clydelink have announced that there will be no ferries tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

They say the boat picked up a creel line close to Kilcreggan today and has sustained damage to an engine.

A further update is promised at 9.30am; there was no mention of any back-up boat being available, as SPT had promised.

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