Coach arrangements for Tuesday May 1 – updated at 1.45pm

Clydelink have announced details of replacement coaches which will will run because of problems with the Kilcreggan to Gourock ferry tomorrow, Tuesday May 1.

Mark Aikman of Clydelink said that a creel line wrapped around one prop of the Island Princess on Monday afternoon, causing subsequent damage.

Courtesy coaches will depart from Kilcreggan pier at 0745, 0815, 1045 and 1115, and from Gourock station at 0645, 0915, 0945 and 1215. The journey is expected to take about 90 minutes.

Services this afternoon were again suspended.

Mr Aikman said: “The matter of creels layed in the path of the Gourock to Kilcreggan ferry service has been raised with the Statutory Harbour Authority. It is anticipated that the Statutory Harbour Authority will (in conjunction with Clydelink) seek to remove any obstruction placed in close proximity to the operational route through the appropriate means.”

He added that the coaches would stop off en route if a specific request was made to the driver, and time permitted.

Update at 1.45pm: Clydelink have announced that no ferries will run for the rest of the day. Coach transfers will depart from Kilcreggan at 1615 and 1705, and Gourock at 1500, 1730 and 1835.


  1. Passenger are going to start voting with their feet and this service will dwindle until it’s lost! SPT’s own agenda to offload the Kilcreggan Ferry will be fulfilled very quickly at this rate.

  2. this ferry is totally unsuited to the gourock kilcreggan run the number of times it has been off in the last few weeks is ridiculousand the weather is not even rough yet

  3. It is now vital that the Kilcreggan Ferry Users Group goes into overdrive once the new administration of Argyll and Bute Council is known to ensure that whosoever is tasked to sit on the Board of SPT holds its senior management to account for sanctioning the use of the Island Princess rather than the new build vessel subject of an undertaking by Clydelink when the contract was placed on the 20th January. It is surely about time that the SPT became customer focussed rather than leaning over backwards to facilitate the operator. Ironically, in a response to Gerard Gaffney who has been threatened by Clydelink that he will be bard from using the ferry, Eric Stewart of SPT stated that the negative emails from persons such as him could drive passengers away and thereby deprive Mr Aikman of his livelihood. No thought there about the disadvantaged commuters whose jobs are at risk!! Rich indeed!

  4. Both SPT and MCA have failed in their duty of care to us.Their inefficiancy has put peoples jobs and livelihood at risk and now may threaten our security by failing to get vital Mod personel to work. We need Jackie Baillie to take up the cudgels and lobby the transport minister to step in urgently again and put an end to this sorry mess. It is no use speaking to SPT. I doubt if they know what day it is,

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