Kilcreggan ferry service disrupted again

The Clydelink ferry service between Kilcreggan and Gourock has been suspended again today (Wednesday)

Sailings were suspended mid-afternoon, and Clydelink now says that due to strong winds the 17.04 sailing from Kilcreggan will go to the James Watt dock in Greenock.

There is no information about later sailings, or transport arrangements in Greenock; no disruption to Dunoon ferries is reported on the BBC website currently, but the Argyll Ferries website was updated at 3.30pm to say services were affected.

Update at 4.12pm. Clydelink have announced: “Due to wind there will be one sailing from Kilcreggan today at 1704, if the service has to terminate in Greenock a coach will run to Gourock. There will be only one departure from Gourock – at 1750 by coach to Greenock, then ferry travel to Kilcreggan.”

Normally the last ferry from Gourock is at 6.10pm

Update at 4.37pm: Clydelink have announced: “Due to worsening weather. There will be 1 coach departing Kilcreggan at 1730 for Gourock, then departing Gourock at 1830 for Kilcreggan.


    • Is Clydelink now offering a better service than Argyll Ferries in the present weather by going to the James Watt dock in Greenock ? I don’t recall Clyde Marine ever doing this when winds affected docking at Gourock pier, (they may have but I don’t recall this).I would hope that Clydelink would put a shuttle bus from Gourock Pier to James Watt dock and provide return crossings for commuters.(Wait and see on that one I suppose)

  1. Let’s not be tricked into using Argyll Ferrys as a yardstick. They have nearly 100% reliability -provided the wind does not blow. This statistic is accepted bythe Scottish Government, even though it is irrelevant and meaningless to the travelling public.

    Argyll Ferrys have suffered serious service degradation as a result of downsizing boats. Comparison should be made with Western. Yes – they are bigger, but they are also built for the conditions they operate.

    Island Princess is not built for the Clyde. A non-marine expert should have been able to work that out, and therefore that includes SPT.

    As for using JWD – that’s there base, they had to go somewhere so was no extra effort.

  2. Suppose a bus is better than having to go all the way round Gourock – Glasgow Central -Partick – Helensburgh – bus- at a cost of approx train £8.65 single. I actually think that Clydelink are doing a not bad job with weather problems -The issues really are with SPT .

  3. Charlie, I will concede, Clydelink were under no obligation to to what they did. And yes, to be completely ‘fair’, the issue is most certainly with SPT. Their decision making has been appalling.

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