Updated at 15.48: Ferry service suspended

The ferry link between Kilcreggan and Gourock has been suspended because of ‘technical issues’.

The website run by operators Clydelink announced at 11am today (April 13): “Due to a technical issue services are currently suspended. Next Kilcreggan dept 1526, next Gourock dept 1542.”

This is the second time since the company’s Island Princess took over the contract on April 1 that sailings have been suspended.

Update: At 11.18 Clydelink said: “The following departures will be replaced with coach transfer: Kilcreggan 1158 and 1330. Gourock 1313 and 1418. Apologies for inconvenience.”

Update at 11.58: In an email to Councillor George Freeman, who said he understood that the boat had been taken out of service by the MCA, SPT’s assistant chief executive Eric Stewart said:

“We are awaiting feedback from the operator on the circumstances of the disruption and most importantly when the service is intended to resume. The conditions of contract that this service is operating under are clear regarding failure to operate the service and the matter will be dealt with in accordance with these conditions.

“It is very disappointing indeed and particularly so for those passengers who have been disadvantaged that this has occurred and the matter is being taken very seriously indeed however I’m sure you will appreciate that establishing the facts before determining the outcome is important to best advise customers.”


Update at 15.48: Ferry still not running, no information as yet on website


  1. Problems on Friday the 13th – spooky.Lets hope its back on for commuters.Least there is an information flow from Clydelink- website and twitter feed unlike Clyde Marine where you had to phone them or the pier (unfortunately we are losing that option 🙁 )

  2. Slightly confused here.

    Have SPT approved a bus as the replacement? This is news to me, i was of the understanding the operator would have a suitable, certified replacement vessel ready. How can a bus journey that takes six times longer be acceptable?

    In one way this proves why the link is essential – it’s a long slow drive round.

    And this may be the second display of why the boat is not suitable, some SPT have been told repeatedly.

    So, over to SPT. Where is the stand-in boat that was supposed to form part of the contract?

  3. Now note from website –
    The following departures will be replaced with coach transfer: Kilcreggan 1158 and 1330. Gourock 1313 and 1418. Apologies for inconvenience.
    Can’t ever remember Clyde Marine putting a coach on – I would say this was a

  4. MCA were well warned about the unsuitability of the Island Princess. A question arises over their competence. Our public bodies have failed us miserably. I hope this adverse publicity gives them a wake up call.
    My complements to both George Freeman and Gerry Gaffney who have worked tirelessly on our behalf.

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