Clyde Marine’s last call at Kilcreggan

It was an emotional scene as a piper played at the pier.

Dozens of residents turned out in Kilcreggan on Saturday to thank Clyde Marine for 33 years of service in running their ferry service.

Yesterday (Saturday) was the end of an era in the village, with Clydelink due to take over the link to Gourock today.

The new operators say they will not need the pier to be manned, so Argyll and Bute Council has issued redundancy notices to staff working on the village landmark, raising fears for its future.

Eleanor Ironside sang as the MV Rover approached Kilcreggan’s 115-year old pier, and the boat and her crew were given a round of applause as they set off back to Gourock.

The MV Rover approaching Kilcreggan pier - it is feared that this will be the last ferry to the village to be operated by Clyde Marine.


  1. What a debacle?…. the ‘new-kids-on-the-block’ Clydelink haven’t even had their boat(s) MCA Certificated or inspected yet. They also don’t have the wide range of experience in sea-states that can arise at the Tail o’ the Bank as Clyde Marine has. Ultimately , it will be up to the skipper whether he takes his boat out in harsh weather and this could be a crucial decision. The powers-that-be will almost certainly precide over an inferior service to which the regular passengers will not be , or get used to , just to save a few thousand pounds.

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