Island Princess cleared to sail

SPT confirmed at 4.52pm today (Friday) that a Clydelink boat has been approved to take over the Kilcreggan-Gourock ferry service from Sunday April 1.

Pauline Butler of SPT said the Island Princess, which arrived from Lymington last week, has been given passenger and domestic safety management certificates.

The Island Princess arrived from Lymington last week

“Thank you for your forbearance over the last few weeks,” she added.

“I would encourage you to use this service as this will demonstrate the value apportioned to its continuance.

“Safe journeys and smooth seas to you all.”

The strangely phrased message about value and continuance might perhaps be translated as ‘use it or lose it’.

Councillor George Freeman, who last week said he was certain that Clydelink would not be able to provide a service from April 1, said council health and safety staff would be carrying out their own risk assessment.

“There are a wide range of issues relating to SPT and how this sorry mess has been handled but that can be dealt with over the coming weeks,” he added.

“As far as I am aware, the formal complaints procedures etc will still be pursued with requests to various bodies for formal investigations to be carried out.”

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  1. They say use it or lose it, but they have yet to answer basic questions about service resilience, for example a promised standby boat has not even been presented yet for certification,the ability of a fairweather pleasure boat to cross the Clyde in inclement weather, the timetable only allows passengers 90 seconds to get from the far train platform to the boat, provision if the service fails and passengers are left stranded, service provision during the Kilcreggan steps works. I could go on but basically SPT have done away with a lifeline service and replaced it with a series of pleasure cruises.

  2. Change that name for a start , unless it states in the charter that it stays the same. Even the name ‘Kilcreggan’ would suffice.

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