Reassurance issued for passengers at Gourock

Passengers worried that work at Gourock pier will mean they miss train and ferry connections have been told that safety must come first by Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL)

The body which is responsible for maintaining facilities at the pier says there has been ‘progressive under-investment over many, many years’.

The potential need for work which would close the ‘Kilcreggan steps’ at Gourock emerged some weeks ago, with passengers fearing that the extra distance between the alternative berthing area and the station would mean they missed the train to work or the last ferry home.

Today (Monday) CMAL’s chief executive Guy Platten stressed his organisation was investing heavily in its infrastructure and said the steps were still open but were being monitored on a daily basis.

“Should we be advised that they have deteriorated further by our engineers which would affect the safety of passengers and the boat, then we will need to close them to future traffic,” he said.

“In this eventuality alternative berthing arrangements will be made in order to best accommodate the ferry.

“In addition we are focussed on the medium and long term solutions as well and are currently awaiting a report, due in April, which will identify the engineering options available and in time will allow us, subject to funding, in providing suitable fit for purpose facilities for passenger only ferries. “


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