New ferry due on Clyde this Sunday

The Island Princess is due to arrive on March 25 – seven days before Clydelink take over responsibility for the Kilcreggan-Gourock ferry service.

And the back-up vessel is expected the following day, according to a Q&A document released by SPT today.

This states that the maximum number of passengers recorded last year was 48 and that these can be accommodated on the Island Princess – no reference is made to how many would be under cover and how many on the open deck, unprotected from the elements in Scottish winter.

Meanwhile organisers of Saturday’s protest at Kilcreggan pier have asked all those attending to follow instructions from the stewards because they want to make sure everyone is safe – it is a working pier so they do not wish to impede the staff or passengers using the pier.

The SPT document is somewhat confusing about the strange saga of the proposal to give Clydelink nearly £100,000 towards the cost of a new vessel, stating: “After some initial investigation, Clydelink came forward to SPT with a proposal to carry out a number of modifications… at a cost of just over £80,000. ”

The report to SPT’s operations committee, however, clearly stated that the grant of £80,000 plus VAT would only cover 20% of the cost of the work. Interestingly, the agenda for that meeting is currently not available on SPT’s website.

Here is the latest version of SPT’s answers to some questions:

Gourock – Kilcreggan Q & A -v7

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