SPT plan £80,000 grant to new ferry operator

Weeks after saying that financial savings were the main reason for changing the contractor running the ferry between Gourock and Kilcreggan, SPT are considering a £80,000 grant to the new company.

Clydelink Ltd’s tender of £174,950 per year undercut current operators Clyde Marine, whose bid was  £328,320 – and Clydelink promised to build a new boat.

But now SPT are proposing to make a grant of £80,250 plus VAT to Clydelink so that the new boat can be upgraded to  a class 4.

A report to the authority’s operations committee, meeting tomorrow says that ‘local mariners consider the tidal and wind conditions, particularly at Kilcreggan, to be challenging’.

The grant would cover 20% of the cost of the new vessel and SPT ‘would seek to impose legally enforceable conditions over the vessel to ensure that the vessel is used for the purposes of the service’.

Clydelink are due to take over the contract on April 1.


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  2. With the exception of Councillor Freeman our Community has been badly let down by our public servants from the outset. Why should our taxes be used in this way with no surety that the service will continue.

    A public inquiry needs to be carried out on the circumstances of this tender process and instruction given to SPT to rescind the contract and put it out for re-tender.

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