Pier staff in Kilcreggan face redundancy

Argyll and Bute Council is planning to make staff redundant as a result of the change in contractor for the Gourock-Kilcreggan ferry.

The news comes less than 48 hours after local councillors Billy Petrie, Danny Kelly and George Freeman – seemingly unaware of the planned job cuts for two workers who live in the village – addressed 70 villagers who were already worried about the future of the service.

It is understood that new contractor Clydelink – who undercut Clyde Marine Motoring by nearly £200,000 to win the contract – is planning to use its own staff to tie up the boat and help passengers.

So far the council has not responded to a request to confirm the planned redundancies, or say how concerns will be addressed over safety for passengers and maintenance of the pier, which is 115 years old and at the heart of village life in Kilcreggan.

An award letter was sent from SPT to Clydelink on February 10 and the new contract is due to take effect on April 1.

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