Clyde Marine set to lose Kilcreggan Ferry contract?

Sunday sailings and the ferry link to Helensburgh will be lost if SPT follow advice to save cash on the ferry service to Kilcreggan

Clyde Marine Motoring Ltd, which runs the Seabus ferry and previously the Kenilworth, looks set to be undercut by Clydelink Ltd, which last year took over the Renfrew Ferry service and also has a waterbus on Loch Lomond.

SPT’s operations committee is being recommended to renew the subsidised ferry service between Kilcreggan and Gourock at its meeting on Friday – but to save nearly £200,000 by cutting services and changing contractor.

The Seabus, pictured here arriving at Kilcreggan this morning,was newly built when it replaced the popular Kenilworth only a few years ago.

A report by assistant chief executive Eric Stewart says most of the ferry’s passengers are workers at Faslane and Coulport.

Clyde Marine proposed to cut the Helensburgh and Sunday services, reducing the annual cost from £368,517 to £359,363.

But SPT thought the saving was not enough, so re-advertised the contract, reducing the boat’s seating capacity from 90 to 60 passengers.

This time Clyde Marine’s price was £328,320, while the Clydelink tender was £174,950 – for a newly built boat.

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  1. well done getting all this together for us all to fully try and understand what has been happening.

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